Location within campus:UBIPRO
Phone:55 56231126
Head of Laboratory:Dr. Guillermo J. Horta Puga
Full Professor A
Researchers affiliated to the laboratory:Dr. Guillermo J. Horta Puga
Technicians affiliated to the laboratory:Ms. Aura Aletse Morales Aranda

Biol. Jhoan Felipe Gutierréz Martínez
Research lines per researcher:Environmental Geochemistry (Trace Metals)


Coral Reef Ecology

Within the Biogeochemistry laboratory at the UBIPRO, the quantification and analysis of trace elements in sediment from coastal, rainfall, and riverine areas, as well as in reef zones of the Southern Gulf of Mexico, are conducted. Similarly, the analysis of reef sediment composition and the contribution of different biological groups is performed.

Ecological studies of the Veracruz Reef System (SAV) are also carried out to assess the composition, structure, and health status of the reef. Within the study conducted on coral reefs, the sediment composition is analyzed to determine the contribution of different taxonomic groups.

Horta‐Puga, G., Tello‐Musi, J. L., Córdova, A., Gutiérrez‐Carrillo, A., Gutiérrez‐Martínez, J., Morales‐Aranda, A. A. (2020). Spatio‐temporal variability of benthic macroalgae in a coral reef system highly influenced by fluvial discharge: Veracruz, Gulf of Mexico. Marine Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/maec.12596

Cabral-Tena, R., Cordova, A., López-Galindo, F., Morales-Aranda, A., Reyes-Mata, A., Soler-Aburto, A. & Horta-Puga, G. (2019). Distribution of the bioavailable and total content of copper and lead, in river sediments of the Jamapa-Atoyac fluvial system, Mexico. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 191, 214. DOI: 10.1007/s10661-019-7353-z

Prospective Thesis Candidate Profile:For undergraduate or engineering students who wish to join the work at the Biogeochemistry laboratory for thesis research, it is required that they have no failed courses and have a minimum GPA of 8.00 in their academic history.